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We offer a variety of well-priced single, family and corporate memberships tailored to meet the needs of our members, including our popular associate trial program and new corporate membership offerings.  All of our memberships include unrestricted access to our dining, gym and pool facilities and participation in our adult programs and social events and children's sport and activity groups.

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When planning your function you want the loveliest setting available, expert attention and every possible refinement to make it a memorable event. That’s why you’ll want your function catered by the iGolf Country Club. Our facility, has a great reputation for creating special functions of the highest calibre. Our service is impeccable and our food is noted for its quality and lavish presentation.

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The perfect spot for a casual lunch or early dinner, the iGolf Country Club Lounge & Bar offers a diverse menu that ranges from light appetizers and salads to more substantial fare. The fully stocked bar offers a wide selection of libations and a sommelier select wine list.

The friendly, professional service and exceptional food make the iGolf Country Club lounge a perfect place to meet friends for lunch or to catch a weekend sports game. Everyone is welcome, so you don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy our lounge and the great food. Join us anytime for a great experience with wonderful views of our fairways.